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Meet The M&M's

Martin & Monty (Husband and wife team) saw a strong need for a new shop style where locals matter and new comers feel the true Aloha Spirit at our business. We both were raised with loving hard working parents who knew the importance of hard work, time and respect for people. The freedom of being a small business owner is that we can take our time to listen to customer concerns about their car and  figure out the best plan to fix it based on their situation. We hope you have a chance to stop by and meet us and chat so we can get to know you and serve your car needs in the future.

Martin & Monty

Shop Owners

Martin is a car enthusiast who has over 20 years of automotive experience. Started as an automotive technician at his early age and developed the drive to open his own shop that specializes in anything and everything car related from general repairs to full vehicle restorations and custom car builds. Martin is always happy to talk story with you and take upon any challenge. Monty was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu. Since a young age I was always helping my dad fix his vehicles and I had so much fun with all his VW’s. I am motivated by helping everyone with resources, especially when it comes to car repair. My husband is the brain of fixing them. I take pride in chatting with all of you on plans to repair your vehicle and help my hubby with clerical duties. We both love cars! I love driving them and he likes to fix/modify them, and the end result is thrilling.



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